Information relevant to my professional career

Alejandro Garcia
  • I am a psychologist. I studied at the UOC, where I graduated in 2013.
  • I am a psychotherapist. I expanded my training with a master’s degree in Integrative Humanist Psychotherapy at the Erich Fromm institute. I have been helping my patients in private practice since 2013.
  • I am a member of COPC – Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Catalunya (member number 21430).
  • I am a General Health Psychologist (E08597034) by COPC since 2015.
  • I am a PhD student. I am researching for my doctoral thesis in Health Psychology at the UOC, on relationships and self-presentation strategies in dating apps. I hope to finish in 2024.
Alejandro Garcia
  • I’m a teacher. I have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Teacher Training from UNED (2016), I have been a teacher at several High Schools in Barcelona.
  • I am a tutor. I supervise students in Bachelor and Master internships from various Spanish universities. I am an internal tutor of the Degree in Psychology at the UOC.
  • I am a trainer. I give talks, courses and workshops on various topics related to the divulgation of Psychology and Mental Health, privately or for other organizations.
  • I work in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Irrelevant information and about my personal life

Alejandro Garcia
  • I was born in Valencia in 1972, although I am from Barcelona by adoption.
  • I am passionate about studying and learning new things.
  • I am a Telecommunications engineer, I worked for years in information technology consulting. I enjoy analyzing and synthesizing knowledge.
  • I also studied History and in my spare time I love writing articles about it in printed and digital magazines.
  • I found my place in the world when I began to accompany people in their growth and healing process.
Alejandro Garcia
  • I like everything related to the language and forms of human communication. This has led me to study Russian for pleasure.
  • I have simple hobbies like reading, going for walks, doing exercise and enjoying movies, video games or art.
  • I love visiting places full of history and culture.
  • My two twin sons are my most precious treasure.
  • I am a very outgoing person.
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