Part of the ART Project is psychological training. We offer a wide range of courses that can be organized in our center or online.

  • Courses for mental health professionals

    • What is relational psychotherapy?
      A brief introductory course to the method of relational dynamic psychotherapy. Approximate duration – 8 hours. Modality: theoretical-practical with clinical approach and many real cases
      Price: € 160
    • How we treat Binge Eating Disorder
      Practical, integration course, focused on the clinical aspects.
      Approximate duration – 4 hours
      Price: € 80
  • Courses for non-mental health specialists
    / Mental health talks

    • What is self-esteem? How to build it?
      Theoretical-practical, self-help
      Duration 2 hours – Price € 40
    • Indications on how to re-establish the healthy relationship with food after several years of diets.
      Theoretical-practical, self-help
      Duration 3 hours – Price € 60
    • Communication in the relationship – typical mistakes and how not to make them.
      Theoretical-practical, self-help
      Duration 3 hours – Price € 60

If you are interested in any of our courses, let us know and we will inform you about the dates.

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