Help for people with Eating Disorders

As part of the ART Project, we have opted to create a small non-profit initiative which was born on a solid professional basis. Our team is highly committed to contributing to the detection and treatment of eating disorders to promote the recovery of people who suffer from it in our community.




The goals of the program


  • Help people struggling with an eating disorder through access to quality care and treatments
  • Support family and friends of people who suffer from an eating disorder, either by incorporating them into treatment or providing support during it.
  • Serve as a catalytic agent for the prevention of EDs, providing psychoeducation programs, through collaboration with colleges and universities.
  • Offer a sense of community and help each other
  • Offer help to patients and training to psychologists and future therapists through more economical treatments but supervised by the clinical team.
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Eating Disorders (ED) Program

EDs can affect the physical and mental health of those who suffer from them and in some cases, they can even be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, support options for people who suffer from EDs are usually inaccessible for multiple reasons, one of them being that today EDs continue to be very misunderstood and stigmatized diseases in our society. On the other hand, treatments are usually long-term and expensive and not everyone can afford them with a frequency that would guarantee the necessary minimums.

Our treatment plan includes psychotherapy, medical check-ups and psychopharmacological support, nutritional counseling, group therapy, or a combination of these approaches. With the help of the foundation we want to offer more resources so that the treatment can be complete and multidisciplinary.


Me and My Eating Fund can include not only those who do not have enough resources, but also those who want to help and contribute and feel proud to be part of this project, as well as offer training and supervision to psychologists who learn to be better psychotherapists, through collaboration with universities.

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What does the program consist of?

First of all, we are inviting to collaborate people who want to create something valuable, beautiful, useful, handmade and imperfect.

  • We are creating handmade ceramic cups so you can enjoy your coffee or tea, not only in the clinic, but also at home. Plus, it’s a lovely gift you can give someone.
  • We have started a collaboration with creators of artisanal and ecological bags. You can get our sustainably handmade bags and choose the empowering phrases you like the most.
  • We have created coasters with phrases that help you think differently about EDs and serve as prevention.

We use the money raised from the “sale”* of the cups, coasters and bags to help people with EDs with few resources to complement their treatments.

Secondly, we will offer a very affordable treatment carried out by psychologists in training supervised by our team and through collaboration with universities.

Eating disorders

How can I be part of this initiative?

Do you want to help? Give someone part of their treatment by purchasing it through the following links, and thus choosing whether you want us to give you a set of coasters, a mug or a bag:

Need help? Fill out the form so we can get to know you and assess whether you could enter the program and get help for your eating disorder.


Do you want to know if you could enter our ED help program?

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