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Our clinic is a place, both physical and virtual (with a wide range of resources – blogcourses, online therapy, etc.) different from the classical psychology centers. Apart from the psychotherapeutic treatments, you can enjoy a good coffee, participate in our online courses, read our blog or receive our Newsletter.

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If you are interested in therapy with us, book the first free information session, during which we will establish the preliminary diagnosis, choose the most suitable therapist for you and explain how the process works.

Psychology is a science and psychotherapy relies on its discoveries to develop treatments.

Evidence-based psychology

We have a special commitment to science. On the one hand, we make sure that all our treatments are based on scientific evidence, and on the other, we want to offer tools that are useful, transparent, understandable and based on the findings of neuropsychology and behavioral science. Our goal is to simplify and disseminate this knowledge and develop quality treatments.

Our major influences are psychodynamic and come from modern trends in psychoanalysis: Relational Psychoanalysis and Metallization-Based Therapy (MBT).

Major influences

Thanks to the neuropsychological discoveries, we know that babies are already born as relational beings and that our early relationships have an impact on our adult life and personality development. Since our way of relating to others is automatic and unconscious, we repeat the learned patterns, creating vicious cycles. In therapy, we aim to raise awareness and develop new ways of relating.

Apart from the ways of relating to others, our ability to mentalize is of utmost importance in order to introduce changes to those patterns. Mentalization is a reflective function: it is a process by which we understand our own mind and that of others. It helps us to better understand the inner and outer world. Thanks to applying mentalization, we increase our ability to contain, regulate, experience and make sense of emotions, both our own and those of others. Therefore, when we learn to mentalize, we obtain a key tool in the processing and emotional regulation.

The contributions of systemic therapy are very useful in family and couples therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) provides very practical tools to help mobilize some of the ways of thinking and being that have become habits and that despite insight and awareness, are difficult to change.

Although our main working tools are psychodynamic, we also apply systemic therapy and CBT to complement and adapt better to the needs of each patient.

New technologies

We are dedicated to developing and applying tools with the aim of complementing and optimizing treatment with the mental health professional. From online or combined treatments, online psychoeducation, to applications that help implement treatments more easily and effectively, with the use of artificial intelligence. 

In order to develop the best treatments, we rely not only on the discoveries of the mental health sciences, but also on technology.

How we do it in 5 steps

  1. Our team are a carefully selected group of professionals, licenced psychologists and psychotherapists (EFPA Europsy Certificate), who undergo additional training to learn our treatment methods.
  2. We carry out individual and group supervision to ensure the quality of the treatments and to take care of the mental health of our team.
  3. We work according to protocols based on many years of experience.
  4. We offer individualized programs, based on individual, group and couples therapy, as well as psychoeducation for patients and families.
  5. We listen to our clients and improve our methods thanks to the feedback obtained, the results of our treatments and new scientific discoveries.

Today improving your quality of life is not a taboo but a norm.


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