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The importance of relationships

We exist through the interpersonal relationships we build. Through them, as we grow, our personality is formed. Having healthy relationships helps us maintain mental health. However, building healthy bonds is difficult if we carry childhood trauma or repeat pathological patterns. And these can be the reason why we end up in toxic relationships. When we are born, we are programmed to start building emotional bonds with our parents because our survival depends on them.

And how a psychologist could help you improve your relationships?

Relationships with parents and couples relationships are the main reasons for psychological consultation. The early patterns of relationships often affect the emotional bonds we establish with our partner or friends, although we are not always aware of the analogies.

Our way of working is mainly based on the methods of dynamic relational psychotherapy. This means that the focus of our attention are the relationships and bidirectionality between the self and the outside world. One of the main relationships that humans have in adult life are couples relationships.

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Couples counseling

Couples counseling is a series of sessions during which the therapist meets with the couple together or separately. The couples counseling that we offer at Proyecto ART is focused on solving the central conflict of the couple that prevents them from progressing and/or causes suffering.

During the sessions, the relationship co-created by the members of the couple is worked on, but it is inevitable to focus on the relational patterns of each one separately to understand the dynamics of the relationship.

It is through the relationships that our character and our pathology are formed. For this reason, individual therapy also helps us, very often, to work on relationships, both couple relationships and a family.

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Individual therapy for relationships

Individual psychotherapy is a treatment aimed at working the relational patterns and mentalizing deficiencies that affect the problems of daily life that cause emotional suffering.

In individual psychotherapy sessions, both present and past life situations are analyzed, according to the assumption that our personality is a dynamic system whose development occurs throughout life. The only way to understand each person’s relational patterns is by understanding the entire process and the mechanisms that cause the vicious cycles or maladaptive relational patterns to be maintained and strengthened.

The therapeutic relationship is also a relationship that can provide a new relational experience. However, sometimes we can complement the individual sessions with couples counselling or family sessions, but it is not always necessary.

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Family therapy

In our psychotherapy center, we also carry out sessions with the patient’s family when we see that this resource could help us move forward. It is a more frequent modality if we work with adolescents.

Sometimes complicated family relationships affect the individual and being able to work certain patterns together can be a dynamic and efficient way.

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