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What is couples therapy?

Couples counseling is a series of sessions during which the therapist meets with the couple together or separately. The couples counseling that we offer at Proyecto ART is focused on solving the central conflict of the couple that prevents them from progressing and / or causes suffering.

During the sessions, the relationship co-created by the members of the couple is worked on, but it is inevitable to focus on the relational patterns of each one separately to understand the dynamics of the relationship.

The role of the therapist is to help the couple find solutions and not advise them what to do directly.


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Who is couples counselling for?

Couples therapy is useful for those people who cannot progress with their relationship, suffer from a complicated period marked by a conflict or painful event, cannot communicate without discussions or do not find the happiness as before.

Couples counseling is a useful resource to improve the quality of relationships and to solve problems. In some cases it is the last resort that couples try before a divorce or separation.

Topics that can be worked on in couples therapy:

  • conflicts
  • sexual problems
  • infidelities
  • lack of desire
  • changes, etc.
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How we work?

The process of couples therapy usually begins with 1-3 exploration sessions of the main problem for which the couple consults, the context, in which it occurs and the general context, which is the relationship.

Next, we carry out 1 session with each member of the couple separately or together, to understand the relational patterns of each member of the couple and how they contribute to the problem. The following sessions focus on working to solve the problem.

  • duration of each session: 60 minutes
  • frequency: it is usually bimonthly but it depends on the objectives and possibilities of each couple
  • process duration: usually no longer than 10-20 sessions
  • price: €90 per session
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