trastornos alimenticios

What are Eating Disorders?

By eating tendencies, we understand both eating disorders (ED) and any eating pattern that can be harmful and cause suffering. Even if it does not meet the criteria for a disorder.

Eating Disorders are groups of symptoms that describe a pathological relationship with food that seriously affects our health, daily life, behavior and emotional state. They are related to a constant rumination over food and an intense fear of gaining weight as well as idealization of weight loss.

According to the DSM-V manual, we can differentiate, among the most frequent, 3 types of eating disorders:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder

But in addition to the EDs, we must also take into account overweight, obesity, body dissatisfaction and body dysmorphia.

Although Eating Disorders are called behavioral problems and obesity has been considered a medical condition, they are also psychological and affective problems.

trastornos alimenticios

Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Therapy for Eating Disorders should be multidisciplinary and focused, on one hand, on behavior and nutrition and on the other, on emotions, relationships and identity. 

What are the goals of psychotherapy for Eating Disorders?

  • Learn to accept oneself unconditionally
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Manage the eating habits
  • Learn to relate differently
  • Develop healthier tools for managing emotions
  • Be more self-aware

A modification of behavior or weight, as difficult as that task is, only displaces the pathology. It does not solve it, if not accompanied by psychotherapy focused on working on emotional management.


In the end, what we want to achieve is to get rid of the need to use food as a tool. Instead, to start using it for its primary purpose - which is nutrition and pleasure. 

How do we work with Eating Disorders?

At our therapy clinic in Barcelona, we offer complete and multidisciplinary treatments for people who suffer from Eating Disorders and/or a complicated relationship with food. We work according to pre-established protocols based on many years of experience that include not only psychotherapeutic help but also medical and nutritional support for patients who may benefit from it.

Therapy for Eating Disorders

We offer individual therapy with highly qualified psychotherapists specialized in the treatment of Eating Disorders

Nutrition and medical support

Alongside psychotherapy, we offer sessions with our nutritionists, our team specializes in treating Eating Disorders and Obesity and collaborates with a team of psychotherapists and pharmacological support, for patients who might need it.

Support Groups

Individual therapy can be complemented with Group therapy. Currently, we offer a program called Me and My Eating which is led by psychotherapists and a medical doctor.

The tretaments are complementary, the combination and frequency can be adapted to your needs and possibilities.


More details on how we work with each Eating Disorder below

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