Why the nutritionist´s help?

It is a process of professional and multidisciplinary accompaniment to help the client to become aware of their eating patterns, define their objectives and generate actions to achieve them. Each person is different and needs personalized help. Our way of working is not to offer a diet but to develop together with the client an action plan that will help them work towards their goals.

The process of change is difficult, both emotionally and because of the automatic nature of the behavior. In addition, given that there are many factors that influence the process of changing our eating behaviors, such as emotional, behavioral and physiological, we consider that it requires constant support and doing it together is much more bearable than in solitude.

At the Art Clinic we offer support in eating behavior from a multidisciplinary approach prepared jointly by psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors and nutritionists, taking into account the different needs of each profile and especially of the very vulnerable population of people with ED.

¿How we work?

We offer individual nutrition sessions both for people who wish to carry out the process separately or as a complement to psychological treatment. We specialize in nutritional support for people with EDs (eating disorders) and obesity and thanks to teamwork, our approach is multidisciplinary.


Apart from individual sessions, we offer a group process. It is a program of 10 weekly sessions focused on working on the relationship with food, both in people with eating disorders, obesity or other problems.


The individual sessions and the group program can be carried out separately or in a complementary way. Our goal is to offer each patient personalized attention adapted to their needs and possibilities.


Are you interested in participating in the group? Fill in the pre-registration form with your availability and preferences. As soon as we have the minimum number of people to open it, we will inform you.



¿How does it work?

  • The first session is the first approach to understanding the eating problem during which we carry out a personalized interview and, after identifying the patterns, habits, vicious cycles, obstacles, etc., we propose a plan of change.
  • We do follow-up sessions every 1-2 weeks, during which we have a look at the progress and difficulties, re-evaluate goals, and offer emotional and motivational support to achieve change.
  • During the clinical sessions with the rest of the team, we discuss the progress of our patients and decide on the areas of overlap between psychology and nutrition in order to offer the best quality of our treatments and to ensure the complementarity.
  • Before starting the process, both for new patients and for those who are already with us in treatment, we offer the possibility of a free informational meeting to explain how we work and clarify doubts.

The duration of the first session is 60 minutes and the follow-up sessions last 30 minutes.

Download here the program of group sessions.

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