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The treatment of eating disorders or any other type of difficult relationship with food requires the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team. In addition to the role of the physician and the psychologist, the figure of a nutritionist specialist in eating disorders (ED) is important to overcome the ED.

Thanks to working in a team (psychologist-nutritionist and physician), we can ensure a full recovery of people who suffer from this type of disordered behavior. However, the nutritionist, like the rest of the professionals, must be specialized in this subject. The treatment will be completely different from that of a person who does not suffer from this type of difficulty.

Not only a specialized nutritionist, but a psychologist and a nutritionist who accompany you in an individualized and trustworthy way.

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Why is it important to see a nutritionist that specializes in Eating Disorders?

A nutritionist is a qualified and legally recognized health professional. Their role is to accompany people who might need advice on food, nutrition and dietetics and offer help for eating disorders.

Therefore, we also include here people who have any kind of eating tendencies or eating behavior that needs help to improve their quality of life at a physiological and social level.

The nutritional treatment is a process of accompaniment with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. The psychologists and psychotherapists of the center, as well as doctors and nutritionists, work together.

Each patient is unique and not everyone needs the same type of help. This is the reason why treatments are adjusted to the needs of each patient. Our way of working is not to offer a diet but to elaborate together with the patient an action plan. Our goal is to help our patients to improve their quality of life through nutritional accompaniment.

Our way of working is not to offer a diet. In our center specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, we develop an action plan together with the patient. The objective is to help you feel better through nutritional support.

How does our center specialized in ED in Barcelona work?

We offer nutrition sessions in Barcelona and online for those who want or need to seek psychological treatment. We specialize in nutritional support for people with an eating disorder and obesity. By working as a team, our approach is multidisciplinary.

Apart from individual sessions, we offer a group process focused on working on the relationship with food. The program is for patients with eating disorders, obesity or complicated relationships with eating.

The individual sessions and the group program can be carried out separately or in a complementary way. We aim to offer help for eating disorders to each patient with personalized attention adapted to their needs and possibilities.


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How does a nutritionist's help to overcome an eating disorder work?

  • The first session is the first approach to understanding the eating problem. During this session we carry out a personalized interview and identify the patterns, habits, vicious cycles, obstacles, etc. and we propose a plan of change. In addition, it helps us understand the current nutritional health and be able to recommend the best treatment modality complementary to the individual therapy process.
  • We do follow-up sessions every 1-2 weeks. We check the progress and difficulties, re-evaluate goals, and offer emotional and motivational support to achieve change and overcome the eating disorder.
  • During the clinical sessions, our team meets and we discuss the progress of our patients. We decide on the areas of overlap between psychology and nutrition. The goal is to offer the best quality of our treatments and to ensure they are complementary.

At Art Clinic we offer support in eating behaviour from a multidisciplinary approach. Our treatments are prepared jointly by psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors and a nutritionist in Barcelona. We take into account the different needs of each profile. We specilalize in the most vulnerable population of people with ED.

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