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What is family therapy?

In our psychotherapy center in Barcelona we also carry out sessions with the patient’s family when we see that this resource could help us move forward. It is an important modality though if we work with adolescents and in this case, it is an essential part of a complete therapeutic process. Family psychotherapy is also a priority modality when we treat patients with eating disorders.

The focus of our family therapy center in Barcelona is the integration of the psychodynamic and systemic models.

Sometimes complicated family relationships affect the individual and being able to work certain patterns together can be a dynamic and efficient way.

The family therapy sessions are always carried out by two psychotherapists, one of them being involved in the individual treatment of a patient and the other more on the perspective of the family.

Such sessions tend to be a very valuable complement to individual therapy where we can do things together and learn new relational patterns.


The frequency of sistemic family sessions tends to be every week or every two weeks. The duration is 60 or 90 minutes and the prices is between 90€ and 240€.

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How does our family therapy center in Barcelona work with the families of adolescents?

Our work with adolescents is based on two important pillars that are complementary and cannot exist without the other:

  • individual therapy for the adolescent
  • family therapy with the parents and/or with the whole family

Only efficient and regular work with the family can support the teenagers in their struggles and provide mental health. Parents and the family system are more important for adolescents than we tend to think. The family dynamics often need to be changed so that the child or teenager can move forward. Parents need to understand their child´s problems to be able to be on the same page with the clinical team. Moreover, parents may also require psychological support to be able to healthily sustain the difficult situation that affects the family system. The support of a psychologist specializing in family therapy is a key resource for recovery.

In family therapy with adolescents, parents are part of the process, since family dynamics are involved in the child's symptoms.

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