What is obesity?

Obesity is not a psychological disorder, it is a metabolic state that can be the cause of other medical diseases (e.g. diabetes type II or hypertension), but it is not a disease in itself.

It is a very common problem because 2.55 billion adults are overweight or obese (1). In Spain, more than half of the population is overweight (2), while 81% of people who diet to try to lose weight fail, and only 24% are happy with their weight (3). Furthermore, studies seem to confirm that dieting eventually causes weight gain (4).

However, both the causes for which we suffer from it, and the consequences of it, are very often psychological. Problems with self-esteem, proper emotional management, depression or anxiety are some of the examples. Being obese carries a social stigma and causes embarrassment and insecurity for many people. Furthermore, Binge Eating Disorder is a very common cause of obesity.

For all these reasons, the ART Project is an initiative focused especially on helping overweight and obese people to better manage the psychological causes and  consequences of this condition, which until now has received mostly medical help and a lack of understanding of the psychological difficulties to lose weight. We offer treatments both from the psychological perspective (individual psychotherapy or group psychotherapy) and from medicine and nutrition.

Our team is made up of psychologists and psychotherapists, doctors and nutritionists. We specialize in helping overweight and obese people find a healthy relationship with food and the body.

Estíbaliz Royuela

Treatments for Obesity

The treatments that we offer at our Psychology and Psychotherapy Center in Barcelona are complete, multidisciplinary and from the Psychodynamic Relational Psychotherapy and Mentalization Based Therapy perspective that have proved to have a strong scientific base and to be effective in Eating Disorders and Obesity.

First of all, we offer psychotherapy with highly qualified psychotherapists specialized in the treatments of Eating Disorders and Obesity, either in a form of an individual treatment and/or a Group therapy.

Moreover, we offer support from a nutritionist, specialized in treating Eating Disorders, and of a medical doctor, who collaborate with the team of therapists and take care of the somatic symptoms related to Eating Disorders.

And finally, there is a group program “Me and My Eating led by specialized psychotherapists.

The treatments are complementary and the combination and frequency can be adapted to your needs and possibilities. You can book a free of charge information meeting to find out more and tailor together the best combination for you.

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