At ART Clinic we have several online resources that aim to complement face-to-face therapy and sometimes even replace it.

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Online therapy

Online therapy consists of therapy sessions, either individually or for couples and groups, which we can carry out via Google Meet. These sessions can completely replace or complement face-to-face sessions.

Distance is the main reason why we choose online therapy. It is an ideal modality for patients who live far away, who have had to move, who travel a lot, or who cannot commute to the clinic on some particular occasion. Some people choose a therapist who lives far away because of the language, recommendation, or sometimes anonymity.

However, online therapy is not the same as in-person therapy and in more severe cases it may be a contraindicated modality. It should be evaluated with each patient, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages. 

The hybrid modality of sessions in person or online is increasingly gaining popularity.

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We have developed a complete online psychoeducation course, which allows you to replace the first sessions invested in theoretical concepts, with a course that you can do from home.

The course is not mandatory, however, highly recommended, for new patients and family members of minors.

They help optimize treatments, provide a framework within which we move, resolve doubts, and give some basic tools.

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Other resources


Our blog is a set of articles on the current state of knowledge in the field of psychology and psychotherapy related to the topics of self-esteem, relationships and eating tendencies. The posts are based on scientific articles where we highlight and simplify some ideas that can be useful for psychotherapy or self-growth.


If you sign up for Our Newsletter, you will receive a summary of 3 scientific articles on the “state of the art” in the field of psychology and psychotherapy related to the topics of self-esteem, relationships and eating tendencies. Moreover, we will inform you about new initiatives in the ART Clinic and share inspirations. 

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Booking system

To facilitate reservations, cancellations, changes, billing and payments for sessions, we use the technology of several integrated systems. When you book your first appointment with us, you can create a user account and manage all the sessions you have booked with us.


We are currently in the initial stages of developing an application that, with the help of artificial intelligence, will be able to complement the work of a psychotherapist, as well as optimize investment in therapy.

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