Our treatment programs are very complete; from individual therapy, through couples therapy, to group therapy and psychoeducation.

Individual therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a treatment aimed at working the relational patterns and mentalizing deficiencies that affect the problems of the daily life that cause emotional suffering.

In individual psychotherapy sessions, both present and past life situations are analyzed, according to the assumption that our personality is a dynamic system whose development occurs throughout life. The only way to understand each person’s relational patterns is by understanding the entire process and the mechanisms that cause the vicious cycles or maladaptive relational patterns to be maintained and strengthened.

The frequency of the sessions is usually weekly, in some cases bi-monthly or mixed: starts weekly start and then is reduced.

We usually work with a focus and set and review the objectives of therapy every 10 sessions. This individual therapy variant, called focal/brief therapy, normally lasts between 6 and 40 sessions. Even if specific focuses are established, individual therapy is open to new ones that may appear during the therapeutic process.

Couples counseling

Couples counseling or therapy consists of a series of sessions during which the therapist meets with the couple together or separately. Couples counseling is focused on solving a central conflict of the couple that impedes progress or causes suffering.

The relationship, that is co-created by the members of the couple, is the focus of attention during the sessions, however, it is inevitable to also focus on the relational patterns of each partner separately to understand the dynamics of the relationship.

The therapist’s role is to help the couple find solutions and not directly advise them on what to do.

Couples therapy is for those people who feel stuck in their relationships, suffer a complicated period marked by a conflict or painful event, fail to communicate, or cannot find happiness that they once had.

The couples counseling usually lasts between 10 and 20 sessions of 60 minutes each. The frequency is usually bi-monthly.

Group therapy

Group therapy are sessions in a group of between 5 and 10 people, led by one or two therapists, who meet regularly to treat a common problem. The therapist is the one who guides the group and the members play the role of co-therapists. Group therapy takes advantage of group dynamics to help participants mobilize some of the issues that are most difficult to bring up in individual therapy.

In group therapy it is important to establish some set rules and goals before you start. Groups can be either open (admitting new members) or closed (where mutual commitment of members is very important).

It is useful both for people who are in individual therapy (to complement the treatment) and for people who only want to participate in group therapy. Group therapy can help mobilize treatment when there is a stagnation in the process or when the patient cannot economically afford individual treatment.

The duration of group therapy is flexible. Each session usually lasts 1.5 hours and the frequency is usually bi-monthly or once a month.


Psychoeducation is an online course that we have prepared both for patients, before starting treatment, and for family members, so that they can understand the theory of the problem and the process of therapy.

These sessions are not mandatory, however, highly recommended, for new patients and for family members of minors.

They help optimize treatments, provide a framework within which we move, resolve doubts and give some basic tools.

The termination of psychotherapy usually takes place when a structural change related to the reason for the consultation has occurred and the patients is able to manage the problems on their own.

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