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What is group therapy?

Group therapy are sessions in a group of between 5 and 10 people, led by one or two therapists, who meet regularly to treat a common problem. The therapist is the one who guides the group and the members play the role of co-therapists. Group therapy takes advantage of group dynamics to help participants mobilize some of the issues that are most difficult to bring up in individual therapy.

In group therapy it is important to establish some set rules and goals before you start. Groups can be either open (admitting new members) or closed (where mutual commitment of members is very important).

It is useful both for people who are in individual therapy (to complement the treatment) and for people who only want to participate in group therapy.

Group therapy can help mobilize treatment when there is a stagnation in the process or when the patient cannot economically afford individual treatment.

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  • Frequency: once or twice a month
  • Duration 90 minutes if the group is small (5-6 persons) or 120 minutes if the group is large (7-10 persons).
  • Language English/Spanish/Polish
  • Price 35€ per person
  • Group sessions are non-refundable. If you decide to resign, please inform us 7 days prior to the next group meeting.
  • Want to sign up? Contact us or schedule an informative session here

The group to work on the relationship with food and the body - "Me and My Eating" - is a more complete program, which includes an online course and group therapy sessions with elements of working with the body and nutrition.

What groups do we have now?

  • Open groups

    We currently have 3 open groups running:

    • Self esteem group – open in Spanish, every third Tuesday of the month

    Timetable: 19.00-20.30/21.00

    • Relationships group – open in Spanish, every second Wednesday of the month

    Timetable: 19.00-20.30/21.00

    • Me and My Eating Program to work on the relationship with eating and the body in English, every second and fourth Tuesday of the month

    Timetable: 19.00-20.30/21.00

  • Future groups

    • Group program for imporving communication with online course included
    • Therapeutic group for adolescents
    • Me and My Eating group program to work on the relationship with food and the body in Spanish

    Days and hours to be decided


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