Centro de Psicólogía Barcelona

Individual psychotherapy is a treatment aimed at working the relational patterns and mentalizing deficiencies that affect the problems of the daily life that cause emotional suffering.

In individual psychotherapy sessions, both present and past life situations are analyzed, according to the assumption that our personality is a dynamic system whose development occurs throughout life. The only way to understand each person’s relational patterns is by understanding the entire process and the mechanisms that cause the vicious cycles or maladaptive relational patterns to be maintained and strengthened.

The frequency of the sessions is usually weekly, in some cases bi-monthly or mixed: starts weekly start and then is reduced.

Alejandro Garcia

Our team of psychotherapists in Barcelona

At our psychotherapy center in Barcelona we work as a team to offer the best possible psychological treatment.

Our way of working is mainly based on the methods of dynamic relational psychotherapy. This means that the focus of our attention are the relationships. It is through them that our character and our pathology are formed. The therapeutic relationship is also a relationship that can provide a new relational experience.

We usually work with a focus and set and review the objectives of therapy every 10 sessions. This individual therapy variant, called focal/brief therapy, normally lasts between 6 and 40 sessions. Even if specific focuses are established, individual therapy is open to new ones that may appear during the therapeutic process.

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