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Individual psychotherapy is a treatment aimed at working the relational patterns and mentalizing deficiencies that affect the problems of the daily life that cause emotional suffering.

In individual psychotherapy sessions, both present and past life situations are analyzed, according to the assumption that our personality is a dynamic system whose development occurs throughout life. The only way to understand each person’s relational patterns is by understanding the entire process and the mechanisms that cause the vicious cycles or maladaptive relational patterns to be maintained and strengthened.

The frequency of the individual therapy sessions is usually weekly, in some cases bi-weekly, bi-monthly or mixed: starts with more frequency of sessions that is then reduced.

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Our team of psychotherapists in Barcelona

At our psychotherapy center in Barcelona we work as a team to offer the best possible psychological treatment. Thanks to this model, you can be taken care of by various professionals of our multidisciplinary team in a coherent way. The treatments are complete and more effective.

Our way of working is mainly based on the methods of dynamic relational psychotherapy. This means that the focus of our attention are the relationships. It is through them that our character and our pathology are formed. The therapeutic relationship is also a relationship that can provide a new relational experience.

We usually work with a focus and set and review the objectives of therapy every 10 sessions.

This individual therapy variant, called focal/brief therapy, normally lasts between 10 and 40 sessions. Even if specific focuses are established, individual therapy is open to new ones that may appear during the therapeutic process.

terapia individual

Individual psychotherapy for anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are among the most frequent reasons for consultation in individual psychotherapy. We do not always talk about a clinical diagnosis of major depression or generalized anxiety disorder. Most of the times we treat the symptoms and not clinical disorders. Other times, patients seek help for what we call a Mixed anxietydepressive disorder (MADD). In individual therapy, even if the reason for consultation is an eating disorder, we address feelings that are not always consciously present from the beginning of the process and can come to the surface when the patient learns to connect with themselves.

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terapia individual

Individual psychotherapy for adolescents and adults

At the ART clinic we do individual psychotherapy sessions for both adults and adolescents. The way of approaching these is slightly different. Individual therapy for adolescents often includes therapeutic work with the family, where we focus on family dynamics that may contribute to the symptoms or that may help the adolescent progress. This way of working is more dynamic, the family feels included in the adolescent’s individual psychotherapy process and helps make the process more efficient.

In individual therapy for adults we do not usually include the family, although it is a possibility. The work focuses on weekly sessions with the psychotherapist focused on addressing the reason for consultation, building a coherent narrative of significant life events, increasing the feeling of cohesion, strengthening identity and self-esteem, and working on mentalization and emotional regulation.

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