Part of the ART Project is psychological training. We offer a wide range of courses that can be organized in our center or online.

  • Courses for mental health professionals

    • What is relational psychotherapy?

    A brief introductory online course to the method of relational dynamic psychotherapy with special emphasis on MBT.

    Accompanied by 4 hours of workshops/supervision (on a Saturday to be agreed from 10:00 to 14:00)

    Modality: theoretical-practical with clinical approach and many real cases
    Price: € 180


    • How we treat Eating Disorders

    Practical -theoretical online, integration course, focused on the clinical aspects.

    Accompanied by 4 hours of workshops/supervision (on a Saturday to be agreed from 10:00 to 14:00)

    Price: € 180


  • Courses and workshops for non-mental health specialists/Mental health talks

    Online course and workshops on how to establish a healthy relationship with food

    Based on the concepts of mindful eating

    An online theoretical-practical course accompanied by workshops

    Language: English

    Price 160€

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    • Online course and workshops on Communication

    A complete course on communication that consists of 4 sections:

    The general and introductory part to communication

    Communication with children

    Communication in the couple

    Communication in business

    Moreover, each part of the course will be accompanied by practical workshops.

    Price: 120€ each section

    Language: Spanish (for more information on this course switch to Spanish)

    • Free Talk on ED: How Do We Understand Eating Disorders?

    Eating Disorders (ED) are primarily identity and emotional processing problems. In this talk we will explain how and why they are formed and what strategies we propose to treat them.

    Date: Friday June 25, 2021 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    Online format

    Language: Spanish

    To sin up for the talk, fill out the registration form *

    * It is necessary to sign up for the ART Project Newsletter to be able to participate in the talk


If you are interested in any of our courses, let us know and we will inform you about the dates.

Internal Courses

  • Psychoeducation course for new patients and / or their families.

    Here you will find access to the Psychoeducation course that we recommend doing before starting the therapeutic process. You will get access to this course after the first session with us.

  • Training course for ART Clinic psychotherapists.

    Here you will find access to the course for new psychotherapists of the ART Clinic.

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