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Did you know that the quality of our relationships is affected by how we communicate?

At the ART Project we offer the opportunity to acquire some practical skills to improve your communication with others. You can do it through the Workshops or the Group Therapy Program. Both options come with an online course.

The complete program on communication consists of 4 modules:

  • General Communication*
  • Communication in the couple
  • Communication with children
  • Communication at work
*In therapeutic group General communication is also included.

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Find more information about the group therapy program here

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Practical information about group therapy

  • Duration: 1,5h sessions twice a month.
  • The program consists of 3 modules of 3 months each (6 sessions) between October and June, separated and independent according to your interests: Group to work on communication in the couple/at work/with children. (Elements of the general communication course are included in each of the specific modules).
  • You can do all the modules you want.
  • Number of participants: 5 to 10.
  • Price: €35 per session.
  • Price of the online course: it is included in the price of the sessions but if you want to buy it separately without participating in a group, you can do it for €30+VAT. (By signing up for the group, you will always get access to the general communication course + specific module you sign up for.)

If you are interested in participating in the therapeutic group, contact us for further information and to assess whether this option is the most suitable for you.

Given that the workshops do not intend to dig into the personal and profound aspects of each participant, they are a lighter and more educational option. Therapeutic groups are interventions that aim to generate deeper change and it is important to consult if participation is the best option for you at this time.

Find more information about the course and workshops here

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Practical information about the course

  • The workshops consist of 4 theoretical-practical modules.
  • Duration: The workshops will last 4 hours each; The online course lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the module.
  • Face-to-face workshops: Saturday morning (10 to 14.00hs)
  • Number of participants: 4 to 10.
  • Price: €120 each workshop.
  • The price of the online course: it is included in the workshops but if you want to acquire it separately without participating in a group, you can do it for €30+VAT.
  • Where? Calle Diputación 153, 08011 Barcelona

The difference between workshops and group therapy is that workshops are a more concise and less intimate way of working, where the examples used are less personal; while group therapy focuses on working on the personal stories of each one and creating bonds of mutual support between the participants.

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How do I sign up for the course?

In the registration form, indicate the dates when you are available and we will confirm if we have the minimum number of participants to open the group.

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  • How do I pay for the course? You pay for the workshops and when you sign up you receive the free online course. Payment can be made by card through the reservation or confirmation email.
  • Language: Spanish/English
  • Is it necessary to complete all the modules? The modules can be done independently or you can combine them, if you feel like it. The only essential thing to start is the general communication module, which we treat as an introduction to each of the workshops. In this case you can choose to do the complete module (online course + workshop) or just the online course.
  • Do I have to do the workshops and the online course or are they separate parts? We recommend that you always complete both parts because they are complementary, but if you are only interested in buying the online course, you can do so.

Our goal is that you finish the workshops with new skills and having spent a fun and productive morning!

The therapeutic/training team

Alejandra Misiolek

Alejandra Misiolek

Psychologist, doctor, psychotherapist and co-founder of ART Project.

Agata Kotrys

Agata Kotrys

Psychologist, psychotherapist, instructor, coach and collaborator of ART project.

Marivi Miranda

Mariví Miranda

Psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer and collaborator of the ART project.

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