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Self-esteem is usually the foundation of almost all psychological problems. The ability to value yourself, take yourself into account, treat yourself well, and trust yourself. We learn this ability when, as children, we are valued, considered and treated well by the significant people in our environment and when we have good models to learn from.

Terapia de pareja Barcelona


We exist through the interpersonal relationships we build. Through them, as we grow, our personality is formed. Having healthy relationships helps us maintain mental health. However, building healthy bonds is difficult if we carry childhood trauma or repeat pathological patterns. When we are born, we are programmed to start building emotional bonds with our parents because our survival depends on them.

trastornos alimenticios

Eating Tendencies

By eating tendencies, we understand both eating disorders (ED) and any eating pattern that can be harmful and cause suffering, even if it does not meet the criteria for a disorder.

EDs are groups of symptoms that describe a pathological relationship with food that seriously affects our health, daily life, behavior and emotional state. According to the DSM-V manual, we can differentiate, among the most frequent: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge eating disorder.

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