Information relevant to my professional career

Berta Marin
  • I am a psychologist with a major in clinical studies from Ramon Llull University, Blanquerna,
  • I obtained my degree as a General Health Psychologist from Ramon Llull University, Blanquerna, through a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology. I specialized in couples therapy and eating disorders.
  • I am a psychotherapist. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Performance in Psychoanalysis and Psychopathology. I was also trained and continue my training in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and I am in the process of obtaining EFPA EuroPsy certification.
  • To ensure the protection of minors and adults who may have suffered child sexual abuse, I took the ASI Course: Identification, Action, and Prevention from the Vicki Bernadet Foundation.
  • I continue to expand my training, participating in the Cursus Obert of the Freudian Field Library of Barcelona. At the same time, I am immersing myself in different readings to continue nourishing my passion for human beings and their psyche.
  • My clinical experience in the years that I have been practicing has covered diverse topics such as dealing with organic diseases, sexual dysfunctions, supporting minors with various family problems, Eating Disorders and issues related to relationships and self-esteem, among others.
  • I am a member of the COPC – Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Catalunya (membership number 32363).
  • I attend in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Irrelevant information about my personal life

  • I was born in Barcelona, in a multicultural neighborhood that allowed me to learn about different ways of life and opened my curiosity to learn more about this beautiful city.
  • I enjoy art in all the forms it can take, although I have a certain preference for music. I love to sing and unravel my thoughts and emotions by writing songs.
  • Since I was little I was introduced to hiking by my family, and whilst I used to complain when the excursions were too long, as I have grown up I have found a place of refuge and learning in the mountains.
  • I have never been a very athletic person, but for years I found a place to connect with my body respectfully, through yoga. Currently, I continue practicing, since I love how it made me feel and the ideas that flourished in me, such as knowing how to be with the impermanence of life.
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