Information relevant to my professional career

  • I have a degree in Hotel Management and Hospitality Services.
  • I have been trained to efficiently and effectively manage facilities, human and financial resources of any kind of hospitality company including hotels, corporate offices, hospitals and clinics. Also to be a professional with ethical principles and calling to service.
  • Human well-being has been always my passion so I have studied a brief introduction to Psychology at Oxford University and I’m certified as a Psycho pedagogical reeducator.
  • Recently, I have developed my career in workplace management and high quality customer support.
  • I’m now collaborating with Proyecto Art as a Workplace and Team Coordinator, I’m responsible for creating a supportive and comfortable atmosphere to our patients and supporting all team-facing services.

Irrelevant information about my personal life

  • I’m from Venezuela, specifically from Los Andes.
  • The best of my country is their people, even living extreme difficulties we are always hospitable and hard workers. We always help each other and we smile at strangers.
  • I have been living in Barcelona since 2017.
  • I practice minimalism, after emigrating I have found myself detached from material things. Now, every object at home has a use, otherwise is donated. It has taught me to live more freely and to be present.
  • Baking, drawing and swimming are my ways of meditation.
  • I love rainy days and the cinema.
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