Information relevant to my professional career

Saskia Aufenacker
  • I am a psychologist. I graduated from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • I am a therapist, I was trained in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy. In addition, I have experience with couple’s problems and self-esteem, among other subjects. I am currently in the process of obtaining EFPA EuroPsy certification.
  • I have a diploma in Psychocardiology, and Health Psychology and several postgraduate degrees in broad areas such as neurosciences, genetics, palliative care, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.
  • I work with a psychoeducational, psychodynamic, and integrative approach always taking into account the relationship between mind and body since I believe that the two are indivisible.
Saskia Aufenacker
  • I teach at the University of Salvador and the University Institute of Mental Health of Buenos Aires.
  • I am the author of several scientific publications and conference presentations.
  • I am part of the research team of the Turning Point Foundation for Health and Sustainability.
  • I collaborate with the ART Project in psychotherapy, research, training sessions and in the development of courses and workshops.
  • I work in English and Spanish.

Irrelevant information about my personal life

Saskia Aufenacker
  • I was born in the United States but lived in more than 6 countries. I have lived most of my life in the United States and Argentina.
  • I like sports and outdoor activities. I am not good at them, but I enjoy doing them with others and celebrating what my body can do for me.
  • I love reading crime novels and listening to true crime podcasts.
  • I’m happy wherever there is a beach or ocean, I feel a great connection to the water.
  • Besides psychology, I am passionate about teaching and cooking, I am truly happy when I can do any of those three things.


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