Information relevant to my professional career

Sofia Cuesta
  • I am from Madrid but I’m living in Barcelona, a city that seems to have everything to me.
  • I am a dietician-nutritionist with training in sports nutrition, digestive pathologies, body recomposition, Obesity, and Eating Disorders.
  • I have a degree in Marketing, a career that allowed me to develop my creative side.
  • Of all of them, what I am most passionate about is everything related to psycho-nutrition and EDs. For me, it’s extremely important to be able to achieve an improvement in eating behavior with a less weight-centric approach and more focused on the creation of habits.
  • In my clinical experience, I have treated various cases such as athletes, people who have been “on a diet” all their lives, or people with special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.)
  • As each person is different, it’s essential for me to create a climate of trust to be able to understand each case thoroughly.
  • I work in English and Spanish.

Irrelevant information about my personal life

  • I have been a vegetarian for seven years and an eco-conscious consumer. I believe that small individual actions count and this is how I try to put my grain of sand.
  • Since I was little I have loved playing sports, I consider it a time of fun and disconnection. I have always practiced racket sports, but I don’t say no to any of them.
  • I consider myself a person who is very easy to talk to. I like interpersonal relationships and it makes me very happy to connect with someone, whether as a nutritionist or on a personal level.
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