What is coaching?

It is a process of accompaniment whose objective is to increase the client´s awareness, rethink their objectives and generate actions to achieve them. It seeks change, learning, discovering and developing one´s own potential to improve knowledge, performance and quality of life.

What is it for?

A coaching process is recommended for those who want to achieve a specific objective, a challenge that contributes to their personal growth.

It can also be applied as a complement to psychotherapy in a multidisciplinary intervention, helping to introduce new habits or improve some aspect of relationships, such as communication.

How does it work?

  • The client is responsibile for achieving their objectives. It is based on the premise that the client has resources or can obtain them.
  • The starting point is the client´s motivation for change.
  • Coaching uses questions to increase awareness, which help the client explore their own beliefs, values, strengths, and limitations.
  • An essential part of the process is action, i.e., putting into practice what was agreed in each session.
  • It is a process of change and learning, which allows the person to develop and optimize their way of functioning, to operate with greater prominence, creativity and proactivity.

It is a process limited in time. The duration is defined based on the objectives. The number of sessions is between 4 and 8, with 6 being the most common duration. The duration of a session is 60 minutes.

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