Group therapy program to work on your Relationship with Food

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Have you been dieting for many years? Do you have a complicated relationship with food? Do you tend to eat emotionally or binge? Do you have an Eating Disorder?

At the ART Clinic we offer the opportunity to participate in a group process to reflect on and understand your relationship with food and learn to experience it in a healthier way. The Me and My Eating program has been designed by the multidisciplinary team of our clinic to accompany people who suffer from an Eating Disorder or a complicated relationship with food and the body. It is a complete bimonthly program based on the concepts of Mindful Eating and Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT), that consists of psychotherapy sessions, work with the body and nutrition, accompanied by an online course.

The program is designed for people with an Eating Disorder and for all those who suffer from a complicated relationship with food and the body.

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More information about the program

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Practical information

  • Duration: indefinite, you can join the program at any time. Recommended minimum duration: 1 year.
  • Conditions to join the group: to best take care of each participant, you need to be in individual therapy at the Art Clinic and before joining, the therapists will make sure it is a good moment for the group and inform the participants about new members joining.
  • Language: Spanish/English
  • Mondays 18.30-20.00/20.30
  • Go here to schedule a session 
  • Frequency: twice a month
  • Duration of a session: between 90 and 120 minutes
  • Number of participants: between 6 and 10 persons
  • Price: 35€ per session
  • Online Course: Included in the program. Duration: 2 hours
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What is the program like?

The Me and My Eating program are bimonthly group therapy sessions that consist of 3 complementary areas of work:

  • The mind: emotions, thoughts, our stories, our traumas, relational patterns, self-esteem, etc.
  • The body: looking for the connection with the body and learning to regulate our eating through the collaboration between the body and the mind.
  • The relationship with food: convictions, habits, eating behavior.

This way of working allows us to have a broader perspective and treat eating problems from the three areas that are interconnected: the mind, the body and eating.

An important part of group programs is commitment*, with yourself and with the group. On the one hand, because during the process bonds are created within the group and we want to take care of them. On the other, because the effectiveness of the process is in the regularity and consistency.

*Check the cancellation conditions here.

Our goal is for you to improve your relationship with food and get support from both the group and professionals specialized in eating tendencies and ED.

Multidisciplinary Team

Psychotherapists: Agata Kotrys and Lina Camacho, Medical doctor and Psychotherapist: Alejandra Misiolek

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