Information relevant to my professional career

Sergio Marin

I studied industrial engineering and started my career as a hardware engineer in Germany. Over time I got closer to home, finding work as an automotive software engineer. Today I focus more on my interests in Data Science and Machine Learning. I collaborate in the Art Project with everything that has to do with data, technique and infrastructure. However, my highest priority is to try to have fun.

Irrelevant information about my personal life

Sergio Marin

I love to eat, cook and food in general. Over time I have achieved the dubious virtue of remembering travels for what I have eaten and not for what I have seen or people I have met. My favorite dishes are paella and bread as a concept.

I like to study the physics of cooking and consider a spherical chicken of radius ‘r’ when calculating how long it has to be in the oven. Another option is to use a thermometer, but nowhere near the same.

As a sport I like to go running as an end in itself, that is, without looking at the watch or counting time. In my early days, I enjoyed fencing in different places where I lived.

The rest of my free time I like to spend going to the mountains or staying at home synergizing books, movies and my pottery wheel.

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