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Who are we? Psychologists specialized in Treatments of Self-esteem, Relationships and Eating tendencies

ART Clinic, in association with the ART Project, is a Psychology and Psychotherapy Center located in Barcelona, Spain. We are specialists in psychotherapy of Eating Disorders, in couples therapy and individual therapy focused on treating all problems related to self-esteem and relationships. We work internationally online in English. Want to see how we work? Watch our Youtube Program Proyecto ART_Unplugged

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How we work

Evidence-based psychology

We have a special commitment to science. On the one hand, we make sure that all our treatments are based on scientific evidence, and on the other, we want to offer tools that are useful, transparent, understandable and based on the findings of neuropsychology and behavioral science. Our goal is to simplify and disseminate this knowledge and develop quality treatments.

Major influences

Thanks to the neuropsychological discoveries, we know that babies are already born as relational beings and that our early relationships have an impact on our adult life and personality development. Since our way of relating to others is automatic and unconscious, we repeat the learned patterns, creating vicious cycles. In therapy, we aim to raise awareness and develop new ways of relating.

Apart from the ways of relating to others, our ability to mentalize is of utmost importance in order to introduce changes to those patterns. Mentalization is a reflective function: it is a process by which we understand our own mind and that of others. It helps us to better understand the inner and outer world. Thanks to applying mentalization, we increase our ability to contain, regulate, experience and make sense of emotions, both our own and those of others. Therefore, when we learn to mentalize, we obtain a key tool in the processing and emotional regulation.

The contributions of systemic therapy are very useful in family and couples therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) provides very practical tools to help mobilize some of the ways of thinking and being that have become habits and that despite insight and awareness, are difficult to change.

What types of therapy do we offer online?

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Individual therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a treatment aimed at working the relational patterns and mentalizing deficiencies that affect the problems of the daily life that cause emotional suffering.

In individual psychotherapy sessions, both present and past life situations are analyzed, according to the assumption that our personality is a dynamic system whose development occurs throughout life. The only way to understand each person’s relational patterns is by understanding the entire process and the mechanisms that cause the vicious cycles or maladaptive relational patterns to be maintained and strengthened.

The frequency of the sessions is usually weekly, in some cases bi-monthly or mixed: starts weekly start and then is reduced.

We usually work with a focus and set and review the objectives of therapy every 10 sessions. This individual therapy variant, called focal/brief therapy, normally lasts between 6 and 40 sessions. Even if specific focuses are established, individual therapy is open to new ones that may appear during the therapeutic process.

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Couples counseling

Couples counseling or therapy consists of a series of sessions during which the therapist meets with the couple together or separately. Couples counseling is focused on solving a central conflict of the couple that unables progress or causes suffering.

The relationship, that is co-created by the members of the couple, is the focus of attention during the sessions, however, it is inevitable to also focus on the relational patterns of each partner separately to understand the dynamics of the relationship.

The therapist’s role is to help the couple find solutions and not directly advise them on what to do.

Couples therapy is for those people who feel stuck in their relationships, suffer a complicated period marked by a conflict or painful event, fail to communicate, or cannot find happiness that they once had.

The couples counseling usually lasts between 10 and 20 sessions of 60 minutes each. The frequency is usually bi-monthly.

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How are we different?

  • We work as a team, we supervise our patients during or weekly clinical sessions to make sure we offer the best treatments
  • We update our techniques according to the newest scientific discoveries and trends
  • We share and co-create a document with you with your clinical history, treatment plan, objectives, etc.
  • We learn constantly and we want to hear your feedback to improve
  • We believe in our values of transparency, honesty, quality and minimalism
  • We get involved in social initiatives to promote mental health
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Psychoeducation are sessions that we carry out both for patients, before starting treatment, and for family members, so that they can understand the theory of the problem and the process of therapy.

These sessions are mandatory for new patients and for family members of minors.

They help optimize treatments, provide a framework within which we move, resolve doubts and give us basic tools.

You can book your session through our booking system and pay safely online by card.

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